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Why Use Hitchhiker App?

Posted on 2 June , 2017 PM

Why Use Hitchhiker App?

Have you already bought a Macbook or a brand new iPhone 7, or you are just sick of your barely-functioning PlayStation that you can’t wait to get rid of to buy yourself a new one from Dubai, but have no one to bring it to Cairo from there? 

Your sister who lives in Germany bought you the perfect backpack for your camping trips but has no one to send it with? 

Have you forgotten your favourite jacket at your friend’s place in London but sending it to you will maybe cost you as much as its original price?

Want to urgently send a parcel but none among your circle of friends is travelling anytime soon?? 

HitchHiker has got your back covered..

Living, studying, or working abroad for a while, thinking that you could easily get away from all these Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, and Mother’s Day gifts that you couldn’t offer on that same day!

HitchHiker won’t let you get away with that…(evil laugh)

Have you guys got lots of empty space in your luggage that you can’t seem to make use of? Ladies out there have you packed an extra empty suitcase to fit in all the shopping that you are about to do? Always wanted to earn some money effortlessly while travelling, but had no idea how? Money that could get you a longed for concert or football game ticket? A fancy dinner somewhere elegant? Or a stay at a little boutique hotel?

Now with HitchHiker App following easy steps you can do all of that, and here’s how


The more you travel, the more you earn money and trust from other fellow travellers within your circle of friends.

With HitchHiker, you can easily draw a smile on someone else’s face, and your travels won’t get any more profitable! What are you waiting for, go to Google Play or App Store, upload the app, and start shipping right now..

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