What is HitchHiker all about?

As the name converys, it is pretty simple, we are helping travellers to make money utilizing the empty space in their luggage, to enable an innvoate and fast way of shipping globally with lower cost to the Shippers out there.

Can I be both a traveler and sender?

Of course you can, since any person can be both in real life, therefore it is the same in the app, you just switch taps to change your hat

How can I make money while travelling?

By renting the empty space in your luggage, fetching for a shipper that needs to deliver a package at your destination, negotiating the price and voila, you are a Hitchhiker that is travelling for less ;)

How can I save money while sending shipments?

Usually large giant shipping companies takes a considerable overhead, with even higher cost for express deliveries. You can avoid all of that by renting a free space in a fellow hitchhiker luggage with a pretty low cost

Is Hitchhiker focusing on specific Countries?

Hitchhiker is just a social gateway that depends on the users interactions, so from the application prespective, we definetly do, but it really depends on where our users will be travelling and shipping